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Group Bookings

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Group Booking & Reservations

We’ll try to respond to your request within 48 hours. Then if you’d like to go ahead with your booking, let us know and within 48 hours we’ll set it up for you. Details of your booking will be provided in the email you’ll receive from us, including each passenger's checked and carry-on baggage allowance, and when the deposit and balance payments are due. How you pay will depend on the country you’re making your group booking from. If you’re booking through a travel agent, organise payment with them.If you’d like to know the payment timeframes or how much checked baggage you can bring on your group booking, before you book, please contact Group bookings in your region via the contact details listed above. Remember that there must be a minimum of 10 people on at least one flight to qualify for a group booking.

If you prefer you can still make a booking for 10 or more passengers using our website. But you won’t get the extras that a group booking fare gives you, particularly the extended payment period and flexibility with name changes.

Call & Receive A Free Consultation

Planning a big trip for a school group, sports group, wedding party or conference? If you’re booking for 10 or more passengers, you can use our special group fares. Contact us today and have the following information ready:

* Number of passengers
* Departure and destination airports
* Preferred departure and return dates
* Any in-flight meals you’d like
* Your designated group leader’s details. The group leader will be responsible for paying for the booking and receive the booking itinerary.
* ….And More